Park & Ride System


Starting October 20, 2014 parking at the Cub Food Park and Ride will move to the North end of the Cub Food parking lot.  The bus stop will be at the location indicated on the map below.

The routes that are affected by this are:  3N, 4D, and 17.

Click here for a PDF of the above map


The City of Rochester has a great intermodal transportation system to help you get to your destination faster and with less hassle than other comparable metro areas. A system of Park & Ride lots enables you to drive your vehicle into town, park at one of several safe, convenient locations, then board a city bus to take you to your final destination. People who use this system often get to their destination less stressed than fellow commuters, and actually help to relieve the amount of congestion and improve the air quality in our city. Current park & ride system information is listed on the left of this page.